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Client Reviews...
"Rodney is one of the most honest and ethical people I have ever known. This accompanied by a stronger than average work ethic makes Rodney Jackson the best realtor I know. He helped us sell our 75+ year old home. It needed a lot of work to qualify for a VA/FHA loan, which we were anticipating our buyers would have considering the price point of our house. Based on my previous experience with realtors, I expected suggestions that would hide and cover up flaws. Rodney, however, was even more stringent on our fixes than we were. We brought up little things that needed fixing, he was very resourceful in helping us find ways of effectively and reasonably complete our projects."
   - Ammon and Collett Carter
"Rodney was excellent throughout the entire process. I have already recommended him to all my friends and co-workers. There are many new rules and regulations in the home buying business and having someone in your corner, who cares more about your obtaining what you need in a home than his own commission is refreshing. Rodney is knowledgeable, thorough and conscientious in every regard. He always kept us informed every step of the way through the negotiations with the seller and later as we worked with a mortgage broker to obtain our loan."
   - Richard and Barbara Openshaw
"Rodney was wonderful for us to work with. I especially loved how quickly he responded to our questions. Never more than a few hours by email, and always available on the phone. He was very honest about not being an expert in all aspects of real estate, but he was so willing to find out information that he didn't know, and he always did so quickly. He was especially good at making sure we met deadlines, and the paperwork was always ready and waiting for us. We honestly never had to wait on him for anything. If you want to buy or sell a home, DEFINITELY go with Rodney."
   - Cacel and Michelle Santos
"Selling a home sucks; Rodney helped in making the process painless. From the first day he presented clearly options of routes to pursue in selling. Rodney is a frank and honest Realtor I've never been happier in doing business than when dealing with him. I would highly recommend him as your next agent choice for either buying or selling. He is highly capable and will work to help you meet your buying/selling goals."
   - Joseph and Courteney Peterson
"I work out of town so buying a home was really difficult. I had been pressured by so many Realtors that I did not want to use one. I met Rodney through a family acquaintance as a friend. I did not know he was a Realtor until I saw his name on a home I wanted to look at. Rodney always made offers in my best interest and made sure everything was taken care of down to the last detail. He was so helpful to remind me of deadlines as I was out of town for most of the process. Rodney is the only Realtor I have ever met that had MY best interest up front during the whole home buying process."
   - Carol Foster
"Rodney was so knowledgeable, patient, and helpful! We were first time home buyers and didn't know how clueless we were, I don't know what I would have done without his help! I highly recommend Rodney and will for sure use him in the future."
   - Jacob and Sara Ashley
"Our experience with Rodney Jackson was more than unique. Rodney never gave up! He was faced with selling one of the most difficult properties we have ever encountered or heard of. It didn't matter if road block after road block got in his way - he never gave up. He was always researching and collaborating with various parties to negotiate or forge a new path to resolution!! Who can say that about their real estate agent? We can. We felt our home would never sell because of extenuating circumstances out of our control. But Rodney's professionalism, knowledge, and creativity sets him above the rest. His honesty and commitment to do what is right and fair for all parties was astounding to witness. If Rodney did not have an answer, he didn't give up until he found it. He is all about principle and realism, so his clients can make informed decisions based upon concrete facts. Rodney truly sets the bar high and we know we could not have succeeded without his personal expertise. Thank you, Rodney!!"
   - Rob and Lisa Lamb
"As our agent, you fulfilled and exceeded our expectations. As we dealt with our agents in NH, who are also very competent, we often found ourselves mentioning how much we appreciate your communication. We always knew where we were in the process, what we were waiting on, what the next steps were, and that eased our high stress situation. We specifically appreciated the way that you acted as liaison with all parties so consistently. We needed to be proactive in communicating with title, lender and the agent far more on the NH side of the relocation. We have a high opinion of your work and will gladly recommend you if we hear of anyone moving."
   - Andrew and Jessica Nord
"Rodney helped us buy our 6th house, across three states, and he is by far the best realtor we've dealt with. He gave us rides to and from the airport, made arrangements for meals, a place to stay while we were in Utah house hunting, and that really took a lot of stress off of us and saved us money and time as well. We now consider him and his family dear friends. He helped us find exactly what we were looking for, within the parameters we requested. He was always very professional, while also friendly, personable and honest. We were really very impressed."
   - Andrew and Michelle Naert
"Can I honestly say I can't think of one thing that you did that made the experience unpleasant? Michael says, 'From the couple of realtors we've worked with here (in Colorado), he was way better. He was really on top of stuff. If you asked him to do something, you would have full confidence he would get it done, and quickly. He even took on some things that I felt weren't really his responsibility.' You really have exceeded our expectations - and I often felt bad for commanding so much of your time! Everyone I called said, 'How do you know Rodney? He's a great guy!' I can tell you've worked hard to develop your network of referrals and we didn't feel like we were treated poorly. Mistakes and oversights happen sometimes. I felt like Jeremy worked hard to make it right and Eric got a new loan pushed through in record time. The frustrating parts...were out of your hands. This one probably felt crazier than usual because sellers were a bit out of it also! But you did everything you could to make sure we didn't have to pay extra even after closing. We really appreciated you! Sorry I can't think of anything awful to say...I really tried!"
   - Michael and Connie Slade
"We found Rodney through a mutual friend and were we glad we did. My Sister was a Real Estate Agent in Alaska and was very impressed with Rodney. He was caring and efficient throughout the entire process. He was always well prepared for the current and next step. We would highly recommend him to anyone."
   - Ellen Sinquefield
"It was our first time selling, and second time buying. Our first agent was new and inexperienced. I spoke to a couple of realtors and Rodney seemed like the most genuinely eager to help me. ... Rodney was great at keeping us in the loop all the time, even if there was no news he would let us know. I never felt like I was waiting around or like I should contact him and ask what was going on. I felt like he was very available to answer calls, texts, and emails promptly. I had a lot of questions along the way about typical procedures and he was very understanding and supportive. I always felt like he had our best interest in mind. I also thought it was very nice of him to drive down to pick us up and take us to the houses we looked at. ... I think he is a great agent and anybody would be lucky to have him as their agent."
   - Kolton and McCall Jewett
"People have told me it was a pain to buy a house, but this was relatively pain free. Rodney explained things in terms I could understand and held my hand (figuratively) through the entire process. Couldn't have gone smoother... He went to bat for me and my family's best interests. You could tell that Rodney was more concerned about the experience and outcome for our family, more than he was for lining his own pocket."
   - Eric and Haley Barkle
"[I give Rodney a] 10 - I would give a 15 if it counted. Rodney was so helpful and informative. I felt like he went the extra mile in everything. He was really great to work with and knew exactly what to do in the process... He always kept both my husband and I informed and had really good direction with the whole process. We never had to guess what was going on or what we needed to do. He was assertive in the sale of our house. You could tell he gives 110% to his work."
   - Joe and Sarah Masson